Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Rusted Sun Collective - Communicate

I've been working for some time on some collaborations with TonePoet (Thomas Lindsey), and am happy to promote this release, which features the tune For the Fathers We Never Found. The song is sort of a test bed that we developed to figure out what a collaboration would look and sound like, and I'm absolutely pleased with the result. The tune and the complete EP are available for free (or "name your price") download over at Rusted Sun's Bandcamp site.

For more info, please head over. Regarding the artwork, with much appreciation the picture "Fresh Air" was created by Caras Ionut, who has provided permission for us to use the image as artwork for this song. You can find more of Caras' artwork at Please be sure to visit, and thank you Caras!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Transgender Muleskinner Diaspora - Straw Men Don't Chase Tornadoes

A trial run of Bandcamp and a lo-fi release from my alter-ego self that strives for relaxing, melodic tunes. All these tunes started out as sample and loop pools for sound design, and I just grew attached to them.